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Joe Biden could announce his presidential candidacy on Tuesday

US President Joe Biden could announce his candidacy for the next presidential election on Tuesday, to mark the date of his last candidacy.

With a reduced timetable, the American head of state is expected to make this announcement, which is no longer a surprise for anyone. The American media have been talking about this expected announcement for several days, even if the White House seeks to maintain a certain mystery.

Joe Biden must announce his candidacy for a second term and will want to create the remake of the last presidential election in which he beat his Republican opponent, former President Donald Trump.

The Head of State has never hidden his intention to stand for a second term, but continues to postpone the deadline for the announcement. Since January, the rumors have not stopped hinting at an upcoming announcement.

But this time, it would seem that the date is favorable to mark the event since April 25 recalls the day when he announced his first candidacy 4 years ago.



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