Jerusalem Summit in Casablanca strengthens Israel-Morocco tech and cultural ties

Jerusalem Summit in Casablanca strengthens Israel-Morocco tech and cultural ties

The Jerusalem Venture Partners and Margalit Startup City hosted an innovation summit aimed at promoting technology and cultural ties between Israel and Morocco. 

Themed “From Jerusalem to Casablanca,” the event brought together distinguished speakers from various domains to emphasize the transformative potential of collaborative efforts, solidifying the alliance fostered through the Abraham Accords.

The summit showcased a fusion of technology, culture, and entrepreneurship, highlighting how innovation can transcend political barriers and foster meaningful connections between nations.

Erel Margalit, founder and chairman of JVP and Margalit Startup City, described the gathering as a resounding call for collective transformation in the region, emphasizing that innovation serves as a bridge to strengthen bilateral relations.

An integral part of the summit was the FemForward MENA program which emerged through a collaboration involving the U.S. Embassy, the UAE Israel Business Council, and the Jerusalem Development Authority. 

The inaugural FemForward MENA cohort was introduced in Casablanca, Morocco, in May 2023, with the mission of fostering business connections between nations under the Abraham Accords.

The program also seeks to cultivate enduring friendships and nurture future female leaders across the MENA region.

Wafaa Bouchtita, sales manager for Microsoft Canada, Morocco, and Milouda Bouichou, data scientist at the Digital Development Agency, Morocco, shared their inspiring personal journeys during the event. Their speeches encouraged other aspiring women to pursue tech careers and provided guidance to shape their paths toward success.

The summit celebrated shared cultural heritage and fostered cross-cultural connections between Israel and Morocco, further solidifying the bonds between the two nations.

The gathering in Jerusalem marked a milestone in the partnership between Israel and Morocco, signaling a bright future of enhanced cooperation, innovation, and collective progress in the region.


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