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Jazouli takes part in the World Economic Forum in Davos

The Minister Delegate to the Head of Government in charge of Investment, Convergence and the Evaluation of Public Policies, Mohcine Jazouli, is taking part in the World Economic Forum in Davos which is taking place from May 22 to 26.

Appointed by the Head of Government, Mohcine Jazouli will hold several bilateral meetings with many political and economic decision-makers, particularly in the energy, agritech, pharmaceutical, outsourcing, finance and digital sectors. , says a press release from the Ministry of Investment, Convergence and Evaluation of Public Policies. Heads of State and Government, business, civil society and media leaders are expected at the Forum for the first face-to-face meeting in more than two years due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Forum, whose central theme for the 2022 edition is “History at a Turn: Government Policies and Business Strategies”is a privileged place to make known to the great leaders of the international public and private sector the assets of Morocco and “to highlight the Vision of His Majesty the King May God Assist Him which places investment at the heart of the socio-economic development of the Kingdom”notes the press release.




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