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Japanese donations to two Moroccan associations for the financing of local projects

As part of the strengthening of cooperation and friendship relations between Japan and the Kingdom of Morocco, two donation contracts worth 117,216 Euros in total were signed on Monday by the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Japan to Morocco. , Kuramitsu Hideaki, and two Moroccan associations.

These projects, which relate to the well-being and sustainable development of Morocco, will thus be financed by Japanese donations granted under the program “Donation to local micro-projects contributing to human security (APL)” launched in 1989, making it possible to initiate 370 projects by Moroccan associations, for a total amount of approximately 176,725,000 Dhs.

According to the Japanese Embassy in Morocco, these are:

1- Drinking water supply project in the Imzilen douar in the rural commune of Oued Essafa, province of Chtouka Ait Baha, for the benefit of the Sidi Moussa Association for Social Works, for an envelope of 71,884 euros.

The objective of this project is to solve the water problem by improving access to drinking water and the living environment of the population of the douar, i.e. approximately 730 families or approximately 7,000 inhabitants, in particular by availability of water even in dry periods, the elimination of the drudgery of transporting water over long distances, particularly for women and children, and the settlement of populations in order to limit the rural exodus.

2- Development project of the irrigation system in Douar Taghia in the commune of Taghzout Nait Atta, province of Tinghir, for the benefit of the Bougafer Association for Agriculture, the Environment and Sustainable Development.

The objective of this agricultural project, which benefits from a donation of 45,332 euros, is to improve the profitability of agricultural production by optimizing the use of water by installing a solar pumping system and a water basin. economic accumulation for the 460 farming families (i.e. 3,800 inhabitants) of the territorial municipality of Taghzout Nait Atta. This contribution will allow the extension of the irrigable perimeter.

On this occasion, Kuramitsu Hideaki warmly congratulated the initiatives of civil society working for the well-being and sustainable development of local communities in the Kingdom.



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