Japan wants to further develop its economic relations with Morocco

Japan wishes to further develop its economic relations with Morocco through a stronger establishment of Japanese companies in the Kingdom, writes the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan in its last annual report 2021.

In this report, recently published and entitled “Diplomatic Blue Book 2021”, the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs devotes an entire chapter to the relations of the country of the rising sun with the Middle East and North Africa.

In this chapter, the ministry returns in particular to the visits made recently by Japanese officials to Morocco with the aim of strengthening bilateral relations and further developing cooperation with the Kingdom.

The report particularly cites the visit made in January 2020 to Morocco by the Japanese Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Keisuke Suzuki, to participate in the work of the Japan-Morocco Joint Commission to discuss the concrete implementation various types of cooperation, particularly in the economic field.

The diplomatic blue book also echoes the visit to Morocco, in February 2020, of the Parliamentary Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs, Shinichi Nakatani, at the head of a large delegation of officials from the public and private sectors of Japan. with the aim of promoting trade and investment in Africa.

Such official visits have continued to contribute to the development of the centuries-old relations of friendship and cooperation between Japan and Morocco, the report reads.

In terms of bilateral relations, the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs notes that Japan and Morocco have been able to develop over the years strong relations of friendship, cooperation and partnership based on the close ties that exist between the imperial family of Japan and the Royal family of Morocco.

Organized around five chapters, the report gives a general overview of all of Japan’s diplomatic activities between January 1 and December 31, 2020 and also discusses certain important events that have occurred up to April 2021. It also includes special files dealing with specific themes of Japanese foreign policy.

Among the topics discussed are, among others, the response to the novel Coronavirus pandemic, strengthening Japan’s position in the international community, Japanese economic diplomacy, Japan’s international cooperation as well as disarmament, non-proliferation and the peaceful uses of nuclear energy.



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