Jane Birkin: “I regret to say that I am leaving”

Jane Birkin: “I regret to say that I am leaving”

The iconic Franco-British actress of the 1970s, Jane Birkin died at the age of 76 in Paris this Sunday. Jane Birkin is an icon of French culture, an actress, a singer and a timeless muse.

Her one-of-a-kind bohemian style, soft voice, natural beauty and charisma have captivated generations of people around the world and made her a fashion icon and muse for many artists.

Born on December 14, 1946 in London, Jane Birkin began her career in the 1960s as an actress, working with renowned directors. However, it was his meeting with Serge Gainsbourg in 1968 that marked a turning point in his life and career. Both have formed an exceptional creative and personal duo. Their passionate relationship has spawned many musical masterpieces, some of them controversial.

Besides her musical career, Jane Birkin continued to flourish as an actress, appearing in numerous films. Jane Birkin also pursued a successful solo career, recording albums in her own name and collaborating with other talented artists such as Serge Gainsbourg, Alain Souchon and Etienne Daho.

Beyond her influence on music and cinema, Jane Birkin is also recognized for her humanitarian commitment. She has worked with organizations such as Amnesty International and used her notoriety to raise awareness of human rights and social issues.

Unanimously recognized on both sides of the Channel, she was also very involved in political issues. Jane Birkin was an Officer of the Order of the British Empire and, in France, Commander of the Order of Arts and Letters. But she refused the Legion of Honor in 1989, believing that “only heroes” should receive it. It was a way of greeting his father, David, a Royal Navy officer who had transported resistance fighters from Britain to France during World War II. He died in 1991, the day of Serge Gainsbourg’s funeral.

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