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it’s revolution in the barracks in Algeria

East of Eden, it is not good to wear a uniform, especially that of a simple soldier, in short, a soldier or soldier to remain militarily correct.

Already the senior officers often have it for their rank in the ANP, while a trooper can be worth in front of the general in bed and his puppet at the head of the Algerian Army. Let’s go, let’s set the scene!

In these times of the World Cup where Morocco shines with a thousand and one stars inevitably it is emulated and this, on a planetary scale. The emotional charge is stronger than anything and the sympathy capital only grows. So much so that he spares nothing and no one. It’s like the song to Sardou, a love disease that runs through the hearts of children from 7 to 77 years old taking everything in its path.

After the accession of the Atlas Lions to the Demies, Cupid’s arrow most likely struck. She will have “stung” a few merry men in a barracks to the east somewhere in Algeria. Apparently it’s the whole company that was affected if we trust the dormitory. Footage shared on social media showed them celebrating the Atlas Lions after the game against Portugal encouraging them to go through to the final. They risk at least ten years in prison for this crime of lèse-majesté.

The Algiers regime may gag its media, the people gauge their feelings according to the team of their hearts and whether they are soldiers or others, they do not participate in the hatred that the power wants to generalize. in place towards a brotherly people, that of Morocco. Khawa khawa, no offense to the two senile Muppets Show made in Algeria.

In Algeria, it is known, even sport is politicized. Interfering with it becomes a serious and offensive offense against the “homeland”. Of the historical qualification of our Lions, all the presses and particularly those Arabic praised it except in Algeria and this, in spite of the feeling of pride to be Arab for the Algerian people. Today, sure there is a sense of unity that is being created around Morocco. Our selection succeeded in achieving unanimity where the Arab summit failed, Algiers wanting to divide the Arabs.

This displeases the East of Eden unfortunately and it is the peoples of the region who drink. Health ! Even if the word Morocco has been banned by the regime of the capos in many mouths of Algerians whoever they are, fortunately strongly chanted no offense to the layered regime of Algiers.



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