It’s Reda Boudina’s turn to become Algerian

It’s Reda Boudina’s turn to become Algerian

After zellige, couscous, caftan, Andalusian music or the craftsman of the medina of Fez, the young Moroccan artist Réda Boudina, alias RDS, has been granted Algerian nationality by an online platform dedicated to the Visual Arts Africans.

Without any consent or the slightest effort to verify the content of its publication, the digital platform On Art media (whose origin is unknown) shared, in April, a portrait called “From Algeria to Europe: the voice of Réda Boudina in contemporary committed art” supposed to highlight the artistic career of the young RDS , while all the information it has is false, causing confusion both for the artist and for his fans and lovers of this art.

To begin with, the editor or editor preferred to attribute Algerian nationality to Reda, but also to advance him in age. “Born in Algeria in 1979, he began drawing at an early age and developed his style while studying art at university. He then began to exhibit his works in Algeria before settling in Europe where he continues his work as a committed artist.“, we read.

And to go even further, the so-called media has decided to give its art a rather special vocation: “Réda’s works often deal with political and social subjects in Algeria and Europe. In Algeria, he faced repression from the authoritarian regime in place and used his art to expose human rights abuses and government corruption.“.

The irony being that said platform has inserted, in this same paragraph, a link which leads directly to the official website of the Jidar Rabat Street Art Festival where the correct information of the artist Réda Boudina, his career and his style are indeed displayed. , in detail.

After learning the news, Reda chose to rely on social networks, where people know him well and follow all his projects, to express themselves about this embarrassing portrait.

I want to respond to an online article that was posted without my permission and contains misleading information about my background and my art“, he indicated, noting that “ths an artist, it is essential for me to maintain the integrity and accuracy of the information shared about my work and me, and it is essential that this information is correct and obtained with my consent“.

Asked by MoroccoLatestNews, Réda Boudina affirms that “all the information that this platform has published is incorrect, except for the images of the works, as well as their captionspointing out that he does not understand the purpose behind the dissemination of such information.

This kind of confusion, fake news, can harm an artist’s reputation and integrity. It can also spoil any ongoing and future collaboration. Talking about politics or repression of the authoritarian regime can really create problems with collaborators or partners since it is something sensitive. This is the kind of subject that drives people away.“, he confided to us.

As a reminder, Réda Boudina, born in 1995 in Meknes, lives and works in Rabat and has been signing his RDS frescoes since his debut in 2010, the year he decided to choose Applied Arts as an option for the baccalaureate. He then opted for studies in preparatory classes for the higher technician certificate in art and graphic industry and thus joined the National Institute of Fine Arts of Tetouan (INBAT) from which he graduated in 2019.

Today, Réda Boudina explores through her artistic work the forms and compositions inspired by brutalist architecture by immersing herself in its characteristics and its unique way of dominating space, thus inviting us to question a certain urban modernity. in Morocco and immersing us in an artistic reinterpretation that he makes of it.

Réda is interested in the language of the modernity of our postcolonial country whose economic progress is still ongoing, and whose contours of its influence on society are imperceptible.


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