IT: launch of agile and challenging programs

The Ausim (Association of users of information systems in Morocco) begins the second quarter of 2021 with enthusiasm. Several programs are launched during the month of April and others will follow shortly.

Our association has just launched today a new production, Ausim Braodcasting Channel (Web TV AUSIM), with a first talk show ‘AusiTalks’. For his baptism of fire, we tackled the theme “How to reinvent medicine using technology?” by inviting an epidemiologist for a debate and by sharing a report on personalized medicine and biotechnology produced with a researcher at the Mohammed VI University of Benguerir (UM6P) ”, AUSIM director general Nihal Djebli told Hespress Fr in a preview.

According to the manager, this show will highlight digital trends, with a focus on the latest innovations and technological solutions by sector, specifying that the debates will mainly focus on current topics related to technology and the digital world with the presentation. of use cases showing the usefulness and relevance of the technology used.
Also explaining that the association will continue, as a catalyst for change, to play its role as a locomotive to accelerate and promote the use of digital and IT in Morocco, Nihal Djebli informed us of the imminent launch of two other new programs of the Association of Users of Information Systems in Morocco called AusMose and AusAcademy.

AusMose unites users

In relation to AusMose, Hicham Chiguer, member of Ausim and regional director admin, control & it solutions France, Africa, Benelux – Majorel specifies: “The purpose of this program is to create clubs bringing together members (DSI and DSI teams), partners and experts around topical issues, proposed by the community and validated by the Scientific Committee, with the aim of accelerating the digital transformation of companies and ecosystems”.
Clearly, the objective is to treat a subject in all its depth and to produce and offer deliverables that will allow companies to use it directly and immediately.

“AusMose is also about creating value through events, White Papers and, soon, targeted training (New Generation), through the other new program launched in parallel, namely“ AusAcademy ”, he adds.
“AusMose was created to set up thematic clubs within Ausim. Moreover, today we organized the signing of a partnership agreement with the Technopark of Casablanca as part of the creation of the Club “Relations startups / Entreprises”, confided to us, for his part, the CEO of the ‘Ausim, specifying that other AUSMOSE clubs have been created with other partners, such as the “DSI Performance” Club, the “Safety Club” or the “From competence to performance” Club.

In addition, she also confirmed to us the organization of several RDVAUSIM, starting in May, with reference partners to shed light on subjects related to the use of the Cloud, data protection or even the use of ERP for agile companies.


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