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Israelis express their desire to settle in Morocco

Specialist in the relocation of people wishing to change country, Ocean Relocation revealed that ” the number of Israelis wishing to leave the country is increasing, due to the unstable situation in the Jewish state “.

If Europe represented 70% of the favorite destination of Israelis wishing to leave their country, against 40% in the recent past, Morocco, after the re-establishment of relations with the Jewish state, has become an attractive destination for Israelis.

The data provided by Ocean Relocationan organization that helps immigrants to Israel, report that thousands of Israeli citizens have openly expressed their desire to leave the country and settle in Morocco.

This desire has increased, especially after the Minister of Justice, Yariv Levin, presented his judicial reform plan last January.

According to Shai Opazanik, the president ofOcean Relocationsuch initiatives to want to leave the country have never been recorded in Israel“, citing the company’s 80 years of experience as “ barometer » movements inside and outside the country.

For his part, Shlomit Dringer, head of business development at Ocean Relocation, explained that people who want to leave the country come from all walks of life. There are families forced to leave because of the political situation, people investing in real estate abroad, and Israelis who can work remotely and who fear the unrest rocking the country.

The country’s economy is also a source of concern among people wishing to leave the country, the body’s data says, especially after foreign investors issued ominous warnings about Israel’s economy if judicial reforms are passed. plus companies that have become reluctant to invest in the country as the shekel plummets which could increase the cost of leaving in the future.

Among the advantages of Europe, the organization cites the opening of doors to Israeli investors, the good quality of life indicators, and above all the ease in recent years of obtaining passports in countries such as Portugal, Poland or Morocco again.

The data indicates that many Israelis are from these countries and today have the right to citizenship, as their family members were forced to leave during the Holocaust or the Spanish Inquisition.

On the other hand, immigration to the United States, where the vast majority of Israeli citizens live abroad, has dropped significantly, according to Dringer.

The United States is known for its strict immigration laws and high cost of living in areas with large Israeli and Jewish communities. Moreover, those who are not entitled to a foreign passport have an easier time obtaining residence rights in Europe than in the United States.



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