Israeli recognition will snowball

Israeli recognition will snowball

The gratitude of the Moroccanness of the Sahara, most certainly, opens the way to the possibility that other nations follow in the footsteps of the Jewish state. Indeed, Tel Aviv has “pressure lobbies” in many international capitals, through which it seeks to preserve its interests and those of its regional allies.

And with Netanyahu’s message, which asserted in its most important paragraphs, ” recognition of the sovereignty of the Kingdom over its territories before all international bodies and capitals where there are Israeli representations“, sure that many nations should take the plunge.

In the “game of interests” that governs the conduct of international politics, the importance of maintaining international stability and security appears above all consideration.

Two specialists, Tarik Atlati, director of the Moroccan Center for Research and Strategic Studies and Hafid Ezzahri, political analyst and political science researcher have developed this perspective for MoroccoLatestNews.

Tarik Atlati indicated that with the commitment of Tel-Aviv, to mobilize all its diplomatic means in favor of the Kingdom of Morocco was a major asset. Atlati added to MoroccoLatestNews that ” Israel is not an ordinary country, and its influence on the world level is no longer to be defined. It greatly affects the course of international politics“. The head of the Moroccan Center for Research and Strategic Studies indicated that ” all countries that deal closely with Tel Aviv will be affected by the Israeli decision, and will opt for the same direction in the short and medium term“.

Tarik Atlati went on to say, “We can expect a lot of pleasant surprises in the Moroccan Sahara file shortly after Israeli recognition“, pointing out that”Tel Aviv, which is a fixture in international politics, its historic decision will undoubtedly reverse the trend by solving many difficult equations. Already, more than appreciable impacts of Netanyahu’s message are being felt in the global community“.

And Atlati backs it up by concluding that “France is currently under strong pressure to change its position on the Moroccan Sahara issue after Israeli recognition, especially after the letter from Israel’s representative to the United Nations, which was mainly addressed to the Élysée. When we know the strong power of the Jewish lobby in France, we have the right to believe it“.

For its part Hafid Ezzahri, notes that “the next recognitions should come from Great Britain, most of the Anglo-Saxon countries, as well as the countries of Eastern Europe and some African countries“. Ezzahri, about the latter, indicated that “Tel-Aviv has a great influence on the countries of the Horn of Africa, in particular Kenya, which maintains very strong economic relations with Israel, as well as with Ethiopia“.

According to him, “thehe Israeli influence can also be felt near the Kingdom, particularly in Mauritania and Nigeria, linked by the gas pipeline to Rabat. The latter being an excellent candidate to go in the direction of the Israeli approach, because of the presence of a powerful Israeli lobby within it.. And the political analyst goes on to say:The Moroccan Sahara conflict is moving towards a definitive solution in the light of the international conviction of the importance of the Moroccan position “.

And to conclude thatacknowledgments on the Moroccanness of the Sahara keep falling. Consulates are opening more and more in the southern provinces in Dakhla and Laayoune and these are absolutely decisive indicators”noting that theIsraeli efforts have been accompanied by an American approach for many years with the same approach, and with regular agendas that will yield convincing results in the near future.


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