Israel will build hospitals in different parts of the Kingdom

The signing of the memorandum of understanding between the Ministry of Health and Social Protection and the Israeli group IMS Ovadia Group Ltd (International Medical Services GE), Israel consisting in building several hospital establishments in Morocco is only one of more in the broad cooperation jointly conducted by Morocco and the Jewish state.

It was the Minister of Health and Social Protection, Khalid Ait Taleb, who presided over the signing ceremony of a memorandum of understanding between his department and the Israeli IMS, represented for the occasion by its president, d of Moroccan origin Yardena Ovadia.

This being so, and beyond the agreement whose objective is in particular ” to establish a model of social development based on the principles of equality, equity and solidarity “, in accordance with the instructions of King Mohammed VI, the event takes place within the framework of the strengthening of bilateral cooperation concerning the promotion of investment and innovation in many areas such as economic cooperation, Education, agriculture and especially health.

Health: Israel will build hospitals in different parts of the Kingdom

We remember, last August, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and Moroccans Residing Abroad, Nasser Bourita, and his Israeli counterpart at the time, now Prime Minister Yaïr Lapid, had initialed agreements relating to the political, cultural, youth and sports and air health services…

Also, it is quite simply that after this memorandum of understanding on the establishment of mechanisms relating to political consultations, the objective of which is to contribute to the deepening and strengthening of the multifaceted relations of cooperation between the two countries, we have signed new agreements.

After the resumption of political relations in December 2020, Israel and Morocco launched vast economic partnership projects which are gradually taking shape. Everything actually accelerated when Rabat concluded the so-called Abraham Accords in the company of the Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Sudan providing for a normalization of relations with Israel, gestures of goodwill then followed one another. The latest dates back to last week when Ayelet Shaked, the Israeli Minister of the Interior, pronounced during a visit to Rabat the little phrase that changes everything: . “Israel supports Morocco’s sovereignty over the Sahara”

Thus, other agreements still within this same framework have taken place since this meeting between the two heads of diplomacy of the two countries. This is particularly the case of the agreement signed by Ryad Mezzour, Minister of Industry and Trade, and his Israeli counterpart Orna Barbivai, in February for the purposes of economic cooperation between Morocco and Israel. The initialed agreement provides for cooperation in the areas of trade, finance and investment, with the creation of qualified industrial zones in Morocco in the first place.

We will in no way overshadow the Forum “Morocco-Israel: connect to innovate” last May where companies from the two countries targeted more or less cooperation in the field of agri-food technologies, investors occasionally discussing the best agricultural practices based on innovation. Nor, moreover, on the private side of the meeting in order to identify more opportunities, in new sectors between the General Confederation of Moroccan Enterprises (CGEM) at the end of March in Casablanca with an official delegation from the Israeli private sector. The meeting intervenes just after the mission of the CGEM in Tel-Aviv.

In mid-March, with the visit of Amir Perez, Morocco and an Israeli aeronautical construction company signed an agreement in the aerospace sector, aimed at strengthening bilateral cooperation and joint investments.

In short, no offense to some, Israel and Morocco are weaving their best relations. The two countries multiply the reciprocal gifts. Israel is preparing to hire thousands of Moroccan workers, provides sophisticated weapons and, just to seal this alliance, the Jewish state now supports the sovereignty claimed by Morocco over the Sahara.

For its part, tourism, spearheading the initiation of the resumption of relations between the two countries, is more than flourishing. Never have so many Israelis visited the Kingdom. An activity facilitated in this by the many direct flights (Tel Aviv-Casablanca, Tel Aviv Marrakech and return) operated by the national and private companies of the two States.



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