Israel offers training for Moroccan students

Known for its leadership in high-tech, Israel announced on Wednesday March 2 the imminent launch of a project aimed at training Arab students, including Moroccans, in this field.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has launched a project to develop the high-tech capabilities of students from Arab countries”can we read on the official Twitter account of the State of Israel.

According to the ministry, “participants will take courses in Israel while employed in high-tech companies or giant corporations represented in Israel“. The ministry said the work will be carried out ” from a distance “.

Candidates from Egypt, Jordan, United Arab Emirates and Bahrain are also eligible. The latter, in addition to training, will be hired in Israeli high-tech companies, the same source said.

اطلقت الخارجية🇮🇱 مشروعا لتطوير قدرات الهايتك لدى #السلام: مصر الاردن المغرب الامارات والبحرين حيث سيخضع المشاركون لدورات في إسرائيل فيما يتم تشغيلهم في شركات التقنية العالية في اسرائيل او شركات عملاقة لها تمثيل في إسرائيل وسيكون العمل عن بعد.

— إسرائيل بالعربية (@IsraelArabic) March 2, 2022

Morocco and Israel have agreed to strengthen their cooperation in the technological field following the resumption of diplomatic relations between the two countries in December 2020.

In December 2021, the Mohammed VI Polytechnic University (UM6P) of Morocco signed an agreement with the Reichman University in Israel to strengthen university cooperation.

The partnership covers research, development and innovation. More recently, Israel and Morocco signed an agreement to boost trade.



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