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Isn’t it time for Morocco to lift the restrictions?

In order to avoid a new wave of Covid-19 contamination, and as a precautionary measure, Morocco decided, at the beginning of January 2023, to prohibit access to its territory for all travelers from China, regardless of their nationality.

The reason was none other than the worrying development of the pandemic in the People’s Republic of China during the month of December. Indeed, after the lifting of the policy “ zero covid Across the country, Chinese hospitals were overwhelmed, and deaths rose exponentially. Moreover, many countries have decided, like Morocco, to impose restrictions on travelers coming from China.

Following this decision, the Kingdom, through its Ministry of Foreign Affairs, emphasized that this exceptional measure “ in no way taints the sincere friendship between the two peoples and the strategic partnership between the two countries and to which Morocco remains strongly attached“.

Today, the situation has changed a lot. And according to Dr. Tayeb Himdi, medical specialist and researcher in policies and health systems, it is time to lift the ban on access to travelers from China. A possible measure, according to the expert, and which will give a strong message.

Two months after the ban on access to Morocco for all travelers from China, it would now be possible and interesting to lift this measure. Medically possible, interesting, and another signal of Moroccan mastery and distinction“, he underlined in an analysis delivered to MoroccoLatestNews Fr.

To support his analysis, the specialist and researcher in health policies and systems, puts forward several points which he believes are favorable to the lifting of restrictions. He thus notes that the epidemiological situation in China is improving. Less than 1% of Chinese travelers arriving in its neighboring countries test positive instead of the 20% and more previously.

Also, Dr. Himdi explains that the new sub-variants in the world are descendants of Omicron. And even if they are more contagious, they are not necessarily more virulent.

The expert also mentions the immunity acquired by vaccination of the world population and post-infection immunity, noting that the world today constitutes a bulwark that protects health systems against these new sub-variants, only vulnerable people not protected are at risk of serious forms.

In addition, Dr. Himdi believes that the crossing of population immunity in Morocco acquired thanks to the success of the vaccination campaign and that acquired by the Covid-19 infection, and the mastery of the management of the pandemic, allow him, medically, to lift this restrictive measure against China.

Morocco can send this strong message to boost its image of success, and sign the specificity of its distinct, scientific, neutral, and sovereign measures.“, he concludes.



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