Iran helped Hamas plan attack on Israel ‘over several weeks’

Iran helped Hamas plan attack on Israel ‘over several weeks’

A Wall Street Journal report claims that Iran has helped plan Hamas’ surprise attack on Israel, and gave the green light for the attack at a meeting held in Beirut last Monday.

Quoted senior members of the Hamas and Hezbollah movements, WSJ reports that  a group of Iranian Revolutionary Guard officers had worked with Hamas since last August to plan air, land and sea incursions, resulting is the most important breach of Israel’s borders since the October War of 1973.

The officials stated that an amendment was made to the details of the operation during several meetings in Beirut attended by Iranian Revolutionary Guard officers and representatives of 4 Iranian-backed armed groups, including Hamas, which controls Gaza, Hezbollah, and a political faction in Lebanon.

Hamas spokesman Ghazi Hamad told the BBC that the group had direct backing for the attack from Iran.

However, in response to a question about the Beirut meetings, senior Hamas official Mahmoud Mardawi said that the Hamas planned to attacks on their own, adding: “This is a Palestinian and Hamas decision.”


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