International Jazz Day in celebration in the Maghreb

On April 30 of each year, International Jazz Day is a reminder of the artistic importance of jazz, its roots and its global impact on cultural development. An event designated in 2011 by UNESCO.

In the program ” Music as a driver of sustainable development in Morocco and Tunisia », The UNESCO office for the Maghreb, Anya and the Hiba Foundation organized on this occasion an artists’ residency, which allowed the production of a musical work related to jazz, which will be broadcast on April 30, 2021, at the end of an online discussion session.

Renowned violinist Zied Zouari and aoudist and musicologist Hamdi Makhlouf from Tunisia were in residence at Studio Hiba in Casablanca with Amine Bliha and Habiba Ryahi, two Moroccan artists widely recognized for their practice of percussion and qanun, let the organizers know. event in a press release.

April 30, International Jazz Day, will be an opportunity for these artists to present the work they produced during the residency. This performance will take place at the end of a conference-debate, where several artists and professionals of jazz and more broadly improvised music will be invited to discuss the subject “ What is the place of jazz and improvised music within current music in the Maghreb? “.

A subject which will make it possible to evoke in turn the question of the current practice of jazz and improvised music but also the means available to jazz artists today to perform, between festivals and digital, underlines the same source.

All of the proposed activities will be done online, on Anya’s and the Hiba Foundation’s social networks (Facebook and Youtube) and will subsequently remain available on these communication channels. These events will be free, assures the organizers noting that more information will be communicated as April 30, 2021 approaches, on the procedure to follow to access this program.



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