Interconnecting Sebou, Bouregreg Basins Aims to Reach 1M Cubic Meters per Day

Interconnecting Sebou, Bouregreg Basins Aims to Reach 1M Cubic Meters per Day

Head of Government Aziz Akhannouch stressed on Tuesday that the objective of the Sebou and Bouregreg Basin Interconnection Project is to reach one million cubic meters of water per day.

“The Sebou and Bouregreg basin interconnection project, which has delivered its first cubic meters of water to Rabat, aims to achieve a daily volume of one million cubic meters or a yearly volume of 360 million cubic meters,” stated Mr. Akhannouch during a press conference while visiting the Garde dam site, including pumping stations 1 and 2.

The visit follows the completion of the initial phase of installing pumping motors. Additional pumping motors will be installed later on to achieve the required flow rate for water transfer to Rabat and Casablanca.

This megaproject is part of the national program for drinking water supply and irrigation. Its aim is to redirect excess water from the Sebou basin, which was previously being lost to the Atlantic Ocean, to the Bouregreg basin. The goal is to ensure a supply of drinking water to the Rabat-Casablanca axis, according to the Head of Government.

This project was initiated by the government, under the guidance of HM King Mohammed VI, in coordination with various ministerial departments such as the Ministry of Equipment and Water, the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of the Interior, and the Ministry of Finance, as well as with the participation of multiple stakeholders who made significant contributions.

The project, which received input from several renowned Moroccan companies, would typically have taken at least three years but was finished in just eight to ten months. The work is progressing quickly and will be crucial to the Rabat-Casablanca axis.

The project was completed in approximately nine months. It was commissioned on August 24, 2023, to conduct necessary equipment testing and divert water at an initial flow rate not exceeding 3 cubic meters per second. The following stage will gradually increase the water flow rate to 15 cubic meters per second. This will allow for the transfer of an annual surplus water volume to the Sebou basin, between 350 and 400 million cubic meters.

With an estimated cost of about 6 billion dirhams, the project includes a water collection center at the guard dam on the Oued Sebou, 67 km of steel canals with a size of 3200 mm in diameter, two pumping stations with a 15 cubic meter per second flow rate, and a basin to carry the water to the Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdullah dam reservoir.


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