“Innovate for sustainable and inclusive development”

Due to the health situation prevailing in Morocco, as well as its societal repercussions, the OCP Foundation has implemented a new series of structuring initiatives for the country and the communities it supports. So she has chosen, says the editorial of the brochure or more precisely the activity report for the year 2020 published for the occasion, the path of social innovation, from research to its deployment, in through experimentation, in all the priority areas judged by the OCP Foundation.

Entitled “Innovating for a sustainable and inclusive development” the document walks us through its lines and figures in a world where the entrepreneurial approach is privileged at its highest level and in all its dimensions. Opting for social innovation means meeting the poorly or poorly satisfied needs of a population.

Based on the principle that Dame Covid has accentuated social inequalities in the world, development actors such as the OCP Foundation and its partners, have mobilized more than ever this year to imagine new mechanisms to provide the best support its communities. Education, R&D, solidarity economy and food security, are all areas where the OCP Foundation has been able to act with innovative approaches by strengthening its offer, and thanks to its privileged partnership with the Ministry of National Education and its integrated action with the Mohammed VI Polytechnic University.

In this sense, the OCP Foundation tells us all of its policy for the purposes of quality education for all, from sponsored schools to educational innovation without the public school system. And for good reason, 60 schools have been sponsored in five provinces which benefit 30,000 students. In support of this, sponsorship offers practices and material resources for quality education, and covers infrastructure & equipment, educational support, school life, social & community environment and governance.

More than 150 school animation clubs have been set up in the establishments concerned, and more than 200 teachers have benefited from educational and community support programs. In this year 2020, the OCP Foundation wished to consolidate its commitment to offer quality education and the best conditions to access it, by maximizing the impact in this area, research, innovation and preparation for the future. through investment in new innovative operating models.

We see it? the collective effort of the OCP Foundation could not be more noble because, in addition to integrating sustainable and equitable human development, in Morocco and internationally it favors precisely integrated initiatives and of general interest that contribute to the dissemination of knowledge, skills development and inclusive socio-economic progress.

At the international level, the OCP Foundation has made sustainable development a pillar of improving the living conditions of populations and their empowerment. 2020 will undoubtedly remain an exceptional year for the OCP Foundation, in view of the collective effort to fight against the effects of the health crisis. A colorful initiative will focus on the launch of the project of the Center for Medical Virology for Highly Pathogenic Germs within the Institut Pasteur in Morocco, over 3 years. The latter will aim to detect, alert on the occurrence of any abnormal phenomenon linked to the circulation of emerging viruses, virological monitoring and the development of new diagnostic techniques for highly pathogenic germs.

The second initiative concerns the creation of a level 3 biosafety laboratory for research and development around virology which will emerge at UM6P. This laboratory will strengthen national capacity and will be open to researchers specializing in highly pathogenic germs. But concretely, it is a panoply of actions that will have been carried out in fields as diverse as they are varied.

The OCP Foundation is not limited to the national territory, it has offered support mechanisms for the benefit of partners in sub-Saharan Africa such as Togo, Burkina Faso, Guinea, Madagascar… as well as in India (Rajasthan) in order to limit the spread of Covid-19. On the Continent she has produced, in collaboration with UM6P, several guides and tutorial capsules for the manufacture of soaps, hydro-alcoholic gel, bibs and visors. It also financed the acquisition of raw materials for the production of means of protection against Covid-19 and carried out massive awareness-raising and distribution campaigns to rural communities ”.

Concretely, a multitude of actions have been carried out in fields as diverse as they are varied. The e-commerce platform for cooperatives was not left out, this year 2020 the UM6P and the OCP Foundation have implemented the CoopLab, a laboratory of expertise and support for Moroccan and African cooperatives. In Morocco, several online training courses have been organized, in collaboration with Act4Community since May 13, 2020 for the benefit of 8 women’s cooperatives selected as part of the call for projects launched by the Office for the Development of Cooperation (ODCO) on March 8, 2020.

A real source of opportunities in terms of human resources, agricultural land, ecological transition, the African continent is for many intellectuals, economists, international institutions, the land of great ambitions.

UNESCO, UM6P and the OCP Foundation have looked into this reflection on the future of Africa, through the initiative: Imagining the Futures of Africa “IAF”. An innovative forward-looking approach to ultimately lead to particularly innovative development projects. This project aims to significantly improve the ability to design and use the future.



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