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Inflation: The government wants to switch to direct aid before the end of 2023 | MoroccoLatestNews French

In a context marked by inflation, the government wishes to switch to direct aid to needy families before the end of 2023. In addition, registrations at the level of the National Population Register (RNP) and the Unified Social Register (RNU) are making great progress. not, said the government spokesman.

According to Mustapha Baitas, spokesperson for the Executive, the government aims to target poor and needy families and grant them direct aid by the end of the current year, on the basis of the commitments contained in the 2023 finance law.

“NOTWe cannot make these workshops successful without providing a clear database of which family needs this support.”, declared the spokesperson in front of the press, assuring that the process is progressing well and that the government will be able to have a clear visibility on the subject by the third half of this year.

Baitas stressed that the government will continue to support basic necessities including butane gas, sugar and flour from the compensation fund until the RNU is rolled out to all regions and the desired target is reached.

The government will then consider whether or not to continue supporting the compensation fund. He recalled in this sense that the Executive has injected more than 40 billion dirhams over the past year to ensure price stability and secure the purchasing power of citizens.

Regarding the support of transport professionals, the Minister mentioned that this aid was aimed at maintaining transport prices without any increase, particularly in the transport of goods. He added that the process took place in the absence of an effective targeting mechanism that could have helped the government distribute support differently.

Now that we know that transport prices are fixed, it is therefore up to those responsible for monitoring the payment of this subsidy, as well as to citizens, to submit their complaints concerning possible imbalances, with the need to respond to them.”, he reported.

The government spokesperson also mentioned the subsidies relating to dairy products, specifying that the government intervenes in the event of a production shortage or imbalance in the chain, without necessarily going through subsidies, through a set of mechanisms and procedures, in particular at the level of certain compound foods.

The spokesperson said that there are a number of other mechanisms that the government has put in place to intervene to ensure that the material is available in the national market at reasonable prices and accessible to citizens.



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