Inflation, rising interest rates… The economic situation impacts the budget of potential buyers

Inflation, rising interest rates… The economic situation impacts the budget of potential buyers

Despite the current challenges in the real estate market, many buying, selling and investment opportunities remain available. According to research carried out on the platform, apartments stand out as the predominant category, with an average price of 906,425 DH.

Faced with inflation, rising interest rates and declining purchasing power, the real estate market continues to face difficult conditions. This is what emerges from the analysis of the market of the week written by on the basis of statistics collected from simulations carried out by its Internet users.

Thus, and during the first quarter, transactions experienced a significant drop of 14.8%, with an even more pronounced drop of 17.5% in the apartment segment, which represents the most traded category in the market.

The analysis notes that apartments remain the most searched properties on the Afdal platform, with an 89% share of searches in the first five months of the year, well ahead of villas (3.7%) and land (2.4%). This trend testifies to the attractiveness of apartments to potential buyers due to their affordability, the same source points out.

By analyzing the data relating to the prices of real estate sought on the Afdal site, it is found that the average is 1.04 million DH in the second quarter and 1.09 million DH in the first quarter. These figures are down from the last two quarters of 2022, when the average price reached 1.14 million DH.

Concerning apartments, the analysis underlines that their average price since the beginning of the year amounts to 906,425 DH, with a peak exceeding one million DH in March and a minimum of 749,598 DH in May. As for the villas, their average price is 4.7 million DH. It should be noted that these average prices are influenced by several factors, such as location, size, amenities and condition of the property. Popular urban areas, such as Casablanca, Rabat and Marrakech, generally have higher prices due to their economic and touristic attractiveness.

Despite the current challenges in the real estate market, the analysis believes that there are still plenty of opportunities to buy, sell and invest. Apartments continue to be the most sought-after category, and real estate developers are responding to this demand by offering new residential projects that meet the needs of potential buyers, the same source points out.

As for villas, although they represent a smaller share of the market, they continue to attract affluent buyers looking for high-end residences offering luxurious amenities. These prestigious properties play an important role in diversifying the offer on the market by meeting the needs of a specific clientele, the analysis concludes.


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