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Industrial TFS: Signature of four investment agreements for 191 MDH in Marrakech-Safi

The Minister of Industry and Trade, Ryad Mezzour, proceeded, this Friday, June 10 in Marrakech, to the signing of four investment agreements with operators in the agri-food, textile, plastics and medical devices sectors in the region of Marrakech. – Safi.

Worth a total of 191 million dirhams, these investment projects, supported within the framework of the Sovereignty Task Force (TFS), will create 377 jobs.

According to Ryad Mezzour, “These investment projects are relevant due to their quality and the strategic scope of the sectors to which they relate. They respond to the national priority of import substitution, by strengthening the food, health and industrial sovereignty of our country and contribute to the acceleration of advanced regionalization, in accordance with royal guidelines”.

“SMEs represent real locomotives of development in the region, by boosting its socio-economic dynamics, by creating jobs for young people and wealth revealing its great potential”he added.

The four investment projects relate to increasing the production capacity of the signatory SMEs, namely HTM Confection, IM Medicare, Plastikpack Maroc and Pet Factory Maroc, through the acquisition of equipment and/or the setting up and the development of industrial units in Marrakech and El Kelâa des Sgraghna.

In total, 77 industrial projects, with an overall investment amount of 2 billion dirhams, 93% financed by Moroccan capital, were supported by the TFS in the Marrakech-Safi region. These projects, enabling the creation of 4,632 jobs and representing a turnover of 5.3 billion dirhams, are almost 50% in the food-processing and chemical-parachemical sectors.

It should be noted that to date, the TFS has received 1,071 investment projects for a total amount of 46.1 billion dirhams, 88% financed by Moroccan capital, and representing a potential creation of nearly 250,000 jobs, replacing import worth 62.8 billion dirhams and 70.6 billion dirhams in export turnover.




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