Indigenous MP launches petition to protect sacred lands and biodiversity

Indigenous MP launches petition to protect sacred lands and biodiversity

Brazilian Indigenous MP Célia Xakriaba has launched an urgent petition to stop the vote on a new law in the Brazilian Congress. This law raises great concern because it could allow mining and forestry companies to attack the Amazon rainforest as well as the sacred lands of indigenous peoples. Célia Xakriaba calls for global mobilization to counter this law and protect the Amazon, which is not only an environmental treasure but also a vital lung for the planet.

The indigenous MP stressed that this decision by the Brazilian Congress poses a threat not only to indigenous peoples, but also to the rest of the world, noting that indigenous lands play an essential role in preserving biodiversity and regulating global warming. . Although indigenous peoples represent only 5% of the world’s population, they nevertheless protect 80% of the world’s biodiversity. And Brazil is home to the largest indigenous population in the Amazon and has much of the Amazon ecosystems.

If passed, current protections for Indigenous peoples will be removed, paving the way for the interests of mining, agribusiness and oil lobbies. Célia Xakriaba therefore calls for international action to put an end to this legislative offensive.

The Indigenous MP called on people from all countries, especially those who support Brazil financially, to step up and sign the petition. She stressed the importance of lobbying members of the Brazilian Congress to realize the magnitude of this issue and the international attention it is receiving. Célia Xakriaba has undertaken to personally hand over the votes collected to the Brazilian Congress and to President Lula.

The indigenous MP also called for solidarity, stressing that this vote has a direct impact on everyone’s life, even outside of Brazil. She urged people to massively share the petition with their loved ones and raise their voices to protect indigenous communities from this offensive.

Célia Xakriaba’s call for the protection of the forest and indigenous lands has received the support of Avaaz, an organization that works in collaboration with indigenous peoples for the preservation of the Amazon and Brazilian ecosystems.

Also, it should be mentioned that this new bill was drafted during the time of the government of former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro. During his tenure, Bolsonaro was criticized for his environmental policies and rhetoric supporting the economic exploitation of the Amazon, which raised national and international concerns.

However, it is important to point out that the current president, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, has taken positions in favor of environmental protection, thus differentiating himself from his predecessor. Lula has shown his commitment to fighting illegal deforestation and promoting stronger conservation policies. His election raised hopes for a change of direction in Brazilian environmental policy and a strengthening of measures to protect the Amazon and indigenous territories.

Moreover, the Brazilian president announced on Friday that the United Nations has confirmed Brazil as the host country of the COP30 Climate Summit, which will be held in 2025. He even confirmed that the COP30 will take place in the city of Belén , near the mouth of the Amazon River in the Atlantic Ocean, stating that the confirmation received from the United Nations is a “extraordinary news for the country.

I have already participated in a COP in Egypt, another in Copenhagen and everyone talks about the Amazon, they only talk about the Amazon“, but without ever having been in this region, said the president in a video broadcast on his networks and in which he reports on the decision of the UN.


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