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Increase in payments via Moroccan bank cards abroad

Despite the context of the current crisis, payments via Moroccan bank cards abroad have recorded a significant increase over the past year.

According to data published by the Center monétique interbancaire (CMI), Moroccan bank cards with international validity carried out 16.8 million foreign currency transactions abroad, through merchant sites, as well as through withdrawals and payments, for an amount of approximately 9 billion dirhams.

The number of transactions made via these bank cards abroad represents an increase of around 30%, and an increase of around 66.5% in terms of the amount spent, compared to 2021.

In addition, the number of bank cards in Morocco reached 19 million CIBs, up 6.1% on an annual basis, distributed between the brands ” MasterCard », « Visa ” And ” CMI “.

The total monetary activity of Moroccan and foreign bank cards in the Kingdom, which includes cash withdrawals and services at merchants and electronic counters, amounted to approximately 518.5 million transactions, for a total amount of around 428.2 billion dirhams. This represents an increase of approximately 17.2% in the number of transactions and an increase of 15.1% in value.

Moroccan bank cards alone carried out payment and withdrawal transactions of 399 billion dirhams, representing growth of 11.7%. These were mainly withdrawals for 88% of the amount, the rest being made in payments.

As for foreign bank cards, in Morocco, direct debits and withdrawals amounted to 29.1%, up 95.9%. Withdrawals represented 34.4% and payments 65.2%.



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