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In the running for power, the leader of the PP modulates his speech on Morocco

The question of the Sahara and national integrity has always been a very sensitive issue for Morocco, on which it neither negotiates nor gives in. A point that the Spanish Popular Party, which is preparing to embark on the race for power to succeed the government of Pedro Sanchez, has understood well.

While the Spanish PP had criticized Pedro Sanchez’s latest foreign policy decisions, in particular the historic turning point on the Moroccan Sahara issue, now Alberto Núñez Feijóo’s party is moderating its discourse by giving clear orders to its executives to ” look through the magnifying glass » all subjects that relate to Morocco, and this, before deciding, reports the Spanish press.

Thus, officials in the leadership of the PP, whose positions are considered pro-Algerian by Moncloa, underlined that from now on, each appearance or position taken is analyzed in detail to “ don’t make it worse and attempt to return to the position of neutrality which had prevailed until now.

The PP, which is therefore preparing to govern, according to the latest poll published on Monday which gives it a clear victory against the PSOE of Pedo Sanchez, wants to be very careful in its management of the Morocco or even the Sahara file. ” It is obvious that if we are going to govern as we believe, we must take care of Morocco “, underline the executives of the PP.

Criticizing the actions of Pedro Sanchez on the question of the Sahara and Morocco, the executives of the PP do not want to make the same mistakes of the PSOE.

We will maintain a state position with Morocco. But we can’t stumble on the same rocks or neglect Algeria “, they decide.

Thus, the reproaches to Sánchez are maintained under the premise that its executive unilaterally changed its criteria without counting with the groups represented in Congress, and in “ stealing an essential debate”, especially since the PP considers that the government has not really evaluated or studied the consequences for foreign friendships, trade, migratory flows, or even the war in Ukraine, concerning the risk that Spain was facing at the level of the energy dependence, Spanish media report.

In this sense, Baleares Miquel Jerez, MEP and executive in the PP declared: “ We offer serenity and respect, without offending anyone, without opening unnecessary wounds or damaging our international relations. And also, without committing the same blunders that the Sánchez government has committed with the Sahara, with Morocco and with Algeria in just 24 hours “.



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