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In solidarity, civil society calls for the reform of the Family Code

The case of Moroccan actress, Jamila El Haouni, and the lawsuit against her ex-husband, actor Amine Ennaji, has reignited the debate on the need to reform the Family Code. For its part, public opinion has expressed unfailing solidarity with the actress.

In this sense, the Association Kif Mamak, Kif Babak » (your mom and your dad, it’s the same thing), expressed her solidarity with the Moroccan actress in this showdown with ex-husband concerning the administrative guardianship of her son.

Following with great interest the case of Jamila El Haouni, “who before being an actress, is first of all a mother), the association ” Kif mamak, Kif babak ” estimated that the Moroccan actress is ” victim of discriminatory laws within the Family Code itself“.

So that the artist can manage the legal and administrative affairs of his minor son, in particular those related to school registration and the facilitation of his trips abroad within the framework of sporting or educational exchanges, the mom finds her hands tied with the condition of the agreement of the father, her ex-husband, who refuses. This knowing that the latter is absent from all aspects of the life of his son“, explained the Association.

In addition, it is the mother, Jamila El Haouni, ” who takes care of her son and ensures all the requirements related to his education“, recalls the association, noting that this is a situation “ suffered by thousands of Moroccan women, mothers who come in second place after the father, to manage the affairs of their children and represent them in legal affairs, which constitutes a flagrant violation of the principles of equality and an attack on the best interests of the child“.

While lamenting this injustice ” and ” strongly condemning these laws“, the Association ” Kif mamak, Kif babak ” announced ” its support and solidarity with the actress Jamila El Haouni and all the women victims of these discriminatory laws”, so calling “all the components of civil society in Morocco, to join El Haouni’s call for help, in order to demand, and with one voice, the total and radical change of the Family Code“.

It should be recalled that Jamila El Haouni has taken legal action to obtain administrative guardianship of her minor son and is demanding a rapid judgment in order to be able to provide her with the administrative documents necessary for certain urgent requests.

Invited to several TV shows, El Haouni, who had once burst into tears live, said her ex-husband refuses to provide her with certain documents belonging to her son, calling on officials to review the family code. .

According to the actress, her ex-husband, Amine Ennaji, refused to allow her son to join a French mission school, to have a passport or to go to Spain for a football camp.



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