In Raja we no longer “French”!

At the Raja de Casablanca, in a logic of gradual and continuous evolution towards universality, we decided to side with English-speaking people. Eh yes ! the leaders of Dima Dima Raja, this emblematic and equally popular football club, have been communicating with their supporters for a long time in the language of Shakespeare, no offense to the Red Bank, opposite the Oasis.

But let’s face it! as far as this option may seem like a heartbreak, through the place dedicated to the meager extracts reserved for the language of Molière, it does not come within the framework of the eternal rivalry of the best enemies of Casablanca. Among the Greens it is a choice to communicate on social networks in English and Arabic and that is respected. This, moreover, is not a new fact, this logic was installed a little over four years ago. This was done, to the observation “of supporters exchanging among themselves, mainly in English and in Arabic”. History not to lose the thread of this evolution with the fans of their club, the Rajaouis leaders, seeing it as a language of business, the international and the Internet also started to do it. It is as simple as it is fair.

But Raja, well beyond football, has always been a precursor of actions and ideas paving the way for historical, economic, social and cultural movements capable of improving the daily lives of Moroccans. Through this fact, quite anecdotal, what is this means of communication between managers and fans, the Club by making the buzz, once again, one would say, raises, casually, the question of the place of French and English languages ​​in the hearts of citizens in the Kingdom. Oh ! there is no photo yet, the Francophonie still wins. But even if it means distorting the expression short head, it is clear that it is getting shorter and shorter over the years.

And if English is becoming more widespread in Morocco, yet a country assiduous to the Francophonie, it is because Moroccans consider this language more suited to their daily lives and to the new technologies on which the Kingdom is nourished more and more by Consequently attract many futurists who suddenly neglect the third language spoken in the bled after Arabic and Berber. Modern times are no longer for the literature of “Grand Meaulnes” but rather for “ Today, the language of new technologies have become ubiquitous »And whose language Molière does not give a damn about, but which the more daring English speakers develop unwillingly. With success we will say, since in the Kingdom more and more children of the people are getting involved.

Seen from here, English is easier to learn in addition to being adapted to the ambitions of Morocco. Less than a semester ago, a study conducted by the British Council showed that the overwhelming majority of our young people saw English as a vital language for their future and that of the country even more, in these times. where Dame Covid is rampant.

The magazine le also refers to the idea when it announces that ” the reason for learning English has emerged as a result of the health crisis: the search for information. According to a study by the British Council in Morocco, research into the Covid pandemic has prompted a large mass of young Moroccans to turn to English. Occurrences on the crisis are more numerous in English, and therefore more interesting for a young audience, eager for more social interactions on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) or leisure (Netflix, Amazon, Disney) platforms. The figures on this regression are very often imprecise estimates. The allegiance of the supporters and the leaders of the Raja to the English language offers a way to assess in life size the inexorable decline of French in the heart of a “Francophonie” that the health crisis has not arranged “. We can not agree more.

In another section, moreover very interesting, we clearly agree with the thesis of contempt for the French language, with regard to the feelings of the supporters of Raja, but which we would gladly adapt to the Moroccan youth, who consider according to the aforementioned study that it is recognized that English is an international language, of science, of business, of the Internet and above all of the future. British Council according to its approaches suggests that 65% of Moroccans consider English to be a very important language and 62% think the same of Arabic, while barely 47% consider French to be an important language.

The feeling in relation to the French language in Morocco is a bond of trust that has become moribund with common events and shared time, which some here think to strongly reconsider. French, apart from the elite using it, has become the language of the well-to-do and consequently for the small or the people simply, that of rejection. Moreover, it is not only the English language which overshadows it, the Spanish language has nothing to envy it and more and more Moroccans encourage their children to it, just like the Italian which remains anchored. in hearts. It doesn’t sound as much of the German, who needs a chewing gum before speaking it, but in a lesser respect she remains appreciated. To good understanding Dima Raja!



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