In a sit-in on the eve of May 1, the unions demand a dialogue by the DG

In a sit-in on the eve of May 1, the unions demand a dialogue by the DG

A coordination composed of six unions representing the staff of the National Office of Electricity and Drinking Water (ONEE) -water branch organized a sit-in in front of the Office’s headquarters in Rabat this Friday. On the eve of May 1, Labor Day, the flagship demand of this fringe of civil servants is the opening of a dialogue with the general management of ONEE in order to resolve the outstanding problems. According to these same unions (FDT, CDT, UNTM, USPS, ODT, etc.), the general management of the Office is closed to any dialogue.

Thus, the staff of the ONEE-water branch is dissatisfied with the way in which the general management manages several files. Among their grievances, they cite the management of the Moroccan Pension Fund (CMR) system, the closure of any sincere and objective dialogue to solve the problems that have persisted for more than a decade, such as the regularization of the scales of the agents of execution, the appointment of officials, the increase in salaries, and several other points.

The secretary general of the Democratic Federation of Labor (FDT), ONEE sector-water branch, Abdelhafid Aboumaaza, told MoroccoLatestNews Fr that the coordination calls for a dialogue with the general management, stressing that social peace cannot take place without a constructive dialogue. However, the general management has closed any possibility of dialogue with the staff, “ so that she assumes her responsibility“, added our interlocutor.

Through this sit-in, this fringe of ONEE staff is seeking to assert their rights and to involve all the active forces of the country, in particular political parties, unions, public authorities and deputies to win their case. .

Mohamed Bendriouch, national secretary of the Democratic Organization of the personnel of the ONEE-water branch, explained that the personnel have been demanding a dialogue between the general management and the personnel representatives since the launch of the projects of the regional companies, but no meeting has been held. was programmed in this direction.

The sit-in is therefore organized to request the opening of a dialogue between the representatives and the general management, with a view to inquiring, among other things, the details of the establishment of the regional development companies.


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