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In 2021, more than half of employed workers have no diploma

Slightly more than half (52.9%) of employed workers have no diploma in 2021 compared to 54.3% a year earlier, 31.2% have a medium-level diploma and 15.9% a high-level diploma. higher, indicates the High Commission for Planning (HCP).

According to the sector of activity, the share of employed workers with a higher diploma is 27.8% in services, 16.8% in industry and 6.6% in construction, specifies the HCP in its note. on the main characteristics of the employed working population in 2021.

In addition, the HCP notes that the population of working age (15 years and over) reached 27,127,000 people, 12,280,000 are active (10,772,000 employed and 1,508,000 unemployed). ) and 14,847,000 are outside the labor market.

Among the 10,772,000 active workers, 42.1% are rural dwellers and 22.3% are female. Young people aged 15 to 34 make up 34.8%; 8.9% for 15-24 year olds and 26.9% for 25-34 year olds.

The “Services” sector remains the leading provider of employment, with 45.8% of employed workers, 33.5% of whom work in the trade branch, followed by “Agriculture, forestry and fishing”. (with 31.2%), underlines the HCP.

More than half (51.8%) of employed workers are employees, 29.6% self-employed, 13.7% family helpers and 2.2% of them are employers.

In addition, the HCP notes that “the jobs performed remain low-skilled, poorly protected and organized”.

Thus, 10.5% have a casual or seasonal job, more than 14% have an unpaid job, 25% have job-related medical coverage (45.4% for employees), more than half of employees (54.6%) have no contract formalizing their relationship with the employer and 9.3% are in a situation of underemployment, specifies the same.




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