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In 2 years, Morocco has quadrupled its exports to the EU

In two years, Morocco has multiplied by 4.6 the volume of its frozen raspberry exports to the European EU, while the value has been multiplied by 2.7, or 60 million dollars due to the fall in prices. what the international market is experiencing. In 2022, the volume of Moroccan exports of this fruit doubled to the European market, reaching 16,700 tons, against 3,600 tons recorded in 2020.

According to the site specialized in agriculture East-fruit.comMorocco is in the Top 10 of world suppliers of frozen fruits, quickly approaching Ukraine, the third largest exporter on the European market, after Serbia and Poland, major exporters of frozen raspberries, particularly in Europe where this fruit is very consumed.

Also, the site points out that Moroccan exports of fresh raspberries and blackberries to the EU have observed an upward trend, reaching a volume of 56,200 tonnes in 2022, after having already increased by 36% in 2021.

Economist at the Investment Center of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), Andriy Yarmak, quoted by East-fruit.com Morocco is a unique example of a development model for the export of berries”.

The expert explains that initially, and taking advantage of the climate, “Morocco has focused on exports of products with high added value. Nevertheless, with the expansion of the production of fresh raspberries and other berries for export, mainly to EU countries, an opportunity has arisen for the development of freezing berries. Both segments are now developing dynamically and complementing each other“.

Thanks to the surge in exports of frozen raspberries to the EU, the portal specifies, Morocco has been able to expand its customer portfolio of its raspberries, which until then were intended for 90% of European countries, in particular England, India. Germany, France and Spain, including new destinations, for the first time. These include the United Arab Emirates, Brazil, South Africa, Croatia, Canada, Qatar, Bahrain, and Saudi Arabia.

For Moroccan raspberry producers, business is in good shape. According to the portal, producers pocket more than 360 million dollars a year thanks to exports, before specifying that the exports of fresh raspberries bring in more money in Morocco than the export of any other fruit.



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