IMF projects global growth of 5.9%

The global economy is expected to grow 5.9% this year, according to forecasts from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), updated this week. The recovery, however, remains hampered by Dame Covid whose repercussions are being made and will be felt for a long time to come. Thus, to each country its destiny, the IMF expects a decline in growth in 2022, to 4.9%, with a drop in inflationary pressures and uncertainty still present.

As for the great world powers, after a contraction of 3.4% in 2020, the US economy is expected to grow by 6% this year, then 5.2% next year. China, which recorded 2.3% in 2020, is expected to grow 8% in 2021, then 5.6% in 2022, according to the IMF report on the outlook for the world economy. For its part, the Euro zone should post growth of 5% in 2021, and 4.3% in 2020. The countries of the monetary union had generally suffered a decline of 6.3% in 2020. In the United Kingdom, the growth is expected to rebound by 6.8% in 2021, after -9.8% in 2020. A 5% growth is expected in 2022. In India, growth is expected at 9.5% in 2021, then 8.5% % in 2022. The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) are on the road to recovery, with the Gulf countries in the lead, but rising social tensions threaten certain fragile economies in the region (Algeria, Tunisia, etc.) , said the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The forecast for sub-Saharan Africa is for growth of 3.7% this year, then 3.8% next year.

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