“Illustrated” exhibition, a look at female creation

“Illustrated” exhibition, a look at female creation

As part of the 2nd Night of Museums and Cultural Spaces, initiated by the National Museums Foundation, the Cervantes Institute in Rabat is hosting from June 22 to September 9 the exhibition “Illustrated, a look at female creation in avant-garde illustration”.

The opening of this exhibition, which seeks to focus on the freest, most creative and most personal work of the selected illustrators and to explore the different formats and techniques with which they work, will take place on Thursday at the exhibition hall of the Institute from 6:30 p.m., specifies a press release from the Institute.

This exhibition, curated by Maribel Rodriguez, brings together works produced between 2014 and 2020 by internationally renowned illustrator designers, including María Hesse, Helena Pérez García, Lara Lars, Malota, Luisa Rivera, Sonia Pulido, Sara Landeta, Iria do Castelo, Iria Fafián, Bea Lema, Nuria Figueiredo and Pelo di Cane.

And the institute notes that illustration is one of the most imaginative branches of creation and is currently experiencing a moment of splendor. The work of illustrators, and in particular female illustrators, is highly recognized both professionally and artistically.

In the field of publishing, where the concept of the illustrated book is becoming more and more popular, continues the text, the work of the illustrators stands out in a particular way, favoring with their creations the re-edition of universal classics or visually complementing the creation of current projects.


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