Illegal occupation of beaches and public spaces: A summer scourge

Illegal occupation of beaches and public spaces: A summer scourge

With the arrival of summer, the beaches are transformed into a veritable array of scenes imbued with lightness and serenity. However, this idyllic picture is tarnished by an increasingly frequent and frustrating practice in Morocco: the abusive occupation of beaches by chairs, tables and parasols intended for hire. Thus, citizens are unjustly prohibited from sitting down or having their own chairs, in the face of this illegal situation.

But this deplorable situation does not stop there, as car guards also take advantage of the streets and squares around tourist sites to exploit car owners. They use methods, between insults and threats, to extort money from motorists. Such conduct can only arouse discontent and indignation among citizens.

The wave of frustration is spreading like a torrent on social media, flooding the news feeds with photos, videos and posts expressing the wish that this disruptive phenomenon finally stop, as it tarnishes the holidays of families.

The Unified Socialist Party (PSU) of the Tangier-Tetouan-Al Hoceima region, aware of the crucial importance of local tourism in this area, is sounding the alarm about this problem. It calls for vigorous intervention to deter offenders.

In a press release, the PSU denounces the serious consequences of these offenses on the summer season and on the image of the region. Despite its tourist treasures, the ambient laxity and the illicit exploitation of public spaces by certain individuals tarnish the landscape and give a negative perception of the region, as beautiful as it is. However, these public spaces belong collectively to all the inhabitants of the region and to its visitors, which makes these actions all the more unacceptable.

Also, we learn that many beaches in various cities (Tangier, Fnideq, M’diq, Martil, Larache…) are subject to wild and illegal occupation. Individuals and groups, without any legal basis, erect umbrellas there and arrange tables and chairs to rent for their own profit. Meanwhile, citizens are excluded from using these public spaces and cannot even install their own chairs and umbrellas there. An affront to their right to enjoy these shared spaces.

The party also warned of the significant and dangerous spread of the phenomenon of the occupation of public streets by ” yellow vests (the car guards, editor’s note), preventing their use by citizens without monetary compensation, which contravenes the right of citizens to enjoy public spaces without being victims of extortion, because the streets are collective property and belong to all.

On its way, the party urges the protection of citizens’ rights in the use of public spaces, which it considers to be common spaces, accessible to all without discrimination. In this regard, he stresses the importance of firmly enforcing the law against all parties (individuals/institutions) who allow themselves to invade and commercialize beaches, streets, and other public places without any legal basis.

In an echo of this concern, the Istiqlal group in Parliament in turn takes the floor. In a written question addressed to the Minister of the Interior, he draws attention to the chaos that reigns on the beaches of the province of Tetouan and the prefecture of M’diq – Fnideq, in the summer period.

It calls on the Minister to take the necessary measures to resolve this problematic situation and to send a commission of inquiry to the site to closely examine the reality of the illegal exploitation of beaches by owners of chairs and umbrellas.


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