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Illegal migration; JM. Albares considers it “impossible” to control the flows “without the collaboration of Morocco”

In the aftermath of the violent assault by sub-Saharan migrants at the fence of the occupied presidency of Melilla, Spanish officials were unanimous in hailing the responsiveness and professionalism of the Moroccan security forces, which intervened to manage this situation.

After the declarations of the Head of Government, Pedro Sanchez, who conceded that Morocco “is facing, alone, international mafias of illegal migration”, it is the turn of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, of the European Union and of Cooperation, José Manuel Albares, to salute, this Tuesday, the bilateral cooperation in the matter.

“Without the collaboration” of Morocco, it would be “impossible” to control illegal migratory flows, he said in an interview with the television channel “Antena 3”. “Without the collaboration of the Moroccan security forces and the excellent work of the Spanish security forces, it would be impossible to control the illegal migratory phenomenon,” maintained Albares.

“No country in the world, however powerful, can face this phenomenon alone,” said the head of Spanish diplomacy, who highlighted the “complexity” of managing this scourge and the difficulty of face the onslaught of people who “seek a better life, putting their lives in danger”.

According to him, “what we need to do is to further improve and strengthen our cooperation with Morocco and with countries of origin and transit. Europe and the European Commission must be involved”.

And to insist: “Cooperation between Europe and countries of origin and transit must be strengthened, and technological means must be provided to prevent this kind of attack from happening again”.

As a reminder, illegal migrants from sub-Saharan African countries led an attempted group assault on Friday morning against the metal fence in the province of Nador, using very violent methods and causing a huge and fatal falls from the top of the fence.

The latest assessment reported 23 deaths among illegal Sub-Saharans. An element of the public force and 18 assailants are still under medical supervision.

This forced passage attempt, where 140 members of the police force were injured to varying degrees, was marked by the use of unprecedented violence by the candidates for irregular immigration against the members of the police. , who acted with professionalism and in compliance with laws and regulations.

Armed with stones, truncheons and sharp objects, these candidates for illegal immigration put up violent resistance to the police, mobilized to prevent them from crossing the fence, as shown in the images (photos and videos) circulating on the web and social networks since last Friday.




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