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IF/March 8: Feminine art

In love with words, colors, shapes… they are as unique as they are universal. Far from social shackles, they break the stereotypes common to modern societies by dreaming and creating, every day, very personal works, products of perpetual questioning and reflections of an ever-evolving being. States of soul all the more complex as they are feminine.

On the occasion of the International Women’s Rights Day this year 2023, the French Institute of Oujda questions this artistic intimacy thanks to a panel of artists with multiple hats who each represent this complexity in their own way.

They will talk about their world, about this permanent need to create and express this “je ne sais quoi” resulting from a permanent questioning of what surrounds them but also and above all of their own people.

Through this round table, they wish to share all the beauty of their thoughts and their art but also and above all their journeys and their battles. Talking about their status as women artists, doctors, teachers, intellectuals, and so on, but also about their roles as activists, influencers, daughters, mothers, wives and friends…

They want to bring hope and motivation, positive but always realistic, inviting everyone, for one evening (March 9), to discover their WOMEN’S ART.

It is:

Intissar Haddiya, nephrologist, Moroccan author, but also an associative actress very involved in the promotion of organ transplants and support for kidney patients. His first literary works were published by Cambridge University Press (New York) between 1999 and 2005. His novels “If God lends us life” (2016), “The Unknown” (2019), “Treason Pious” (2021) focused on the status of women in Morocco, as well as her collection “Au fil des songes” (2017) have been remarkably successful.

Imane Elmezgueldi, self-taught painter and doctor in the medical analysis laboratory. For her, art and medicine are two different but complementary worlds that impose observation, analysis and work methodology on us. Notwithstanding, she denies any direct relationship between her pictorial creations and her profession.

Siham Badr, visual artist native of Rabat, graduate of the School of Fine Arts in Casablanca, professor of plastic arts in Oujda, professor of drawing and plastic expression at the National School of Architecture of Oujda, member of the association “I participate and I learn through art”.

Lamiaa Fasla, multi-faceted entrepreneur, teacher-researcher, journalist and publisher. Passionate about art and literature, she runs the FL Company, which specializes in training, business support and publishing. Lamiaa is the moderator of the evening.



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