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ICESCO launches female poetry award “Poem of the Year of Women 2021”

The Islamic World Organization for Education, Science and Culture (ICESCO) has announced the launch of the ICESCO Prize for Female Poetry, “Poem of the Year of Women 2021”.

The Organization specifies in a press release that this competition, organized by the ICESCO Arabic Language Center for non-Arabic speakers, will be awarded to three laureates and will see the publication of the best poems in a dedicated collection.

As part of ICESCO’s programs celebrating the Year of Women, this initiative aims to contribute to the promotion of female poetry in classical Arabic (fus’hâ) and to revive its positive role in the strengthening of cultural interaction and human communication, it is stressed.

It is also a question of enriching the Arab library and the poetic scene with a myriad of quality poems, dealing with the questions of women, their concerns, their hopes and their aspirations, of consolidating the presence of women poets in the spheres of life. literary works and allow them to participate in prizes and publicize their achievements and their role in promoting society through literature.

A jury composed of ICESCO specialists and renowned poets will choose three laureates who will receive respectively a prize of $ 2,000, $ 1,500 and $ 1,000, in addition to certificates of merit, while the best poems in competition will be published by the ICESCO care.

For this competition, any candidate must submit a single poem in classical Arabic (shi’r ‘amûdi or hurr), and the poem must also consist of at least 20 lines (vertical form) or 30 lines (free form ) respecting the taf’ila, with a subject dealing with women, their concerns, hopes and aspirations, the statement noted, stressing that the poem must be original, unpublished and not previously awarded as he must not be in contention in other competitions.



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