Hyundai Morocco now available on Tiktok!

The new I20 gets people moving, not only on the road, but also on TikTok. The social video app which was downloaded more than 700 million times last year saw its popularity explode during the pandemic and has now surpassed one billion monthly active users including 3.9 million users in Morocco.

Hyundai Morocco aware of the rise of digital and the presence on social networks. The brand decides to follow the evolution and to meet its customers where they are.

Thanks to its launch campaign for the new i20, Hyundai launched on the TikTok platform through a series of 5 videos with 5 high-reach influencers whose mechanics are simple and fun sporting dynamic transitions inspired by viral Tiktok videos . Each influencer will be assigned a flagship universe of the new Hyundai i20 and on which the video will be focused.

In order to viralize the content, Hyundai Morocco will produce a making-of video to show the
backstage of each transition. This video will serve as a tutorial for the Tiktok community to inspire them and show them how to produce transitions with a phone.



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