Hundreds of people spend Eid al Adha in the emergency room

Hundreds of people spend Eid al Adha in the emergency room

In the midst of the Eid Al Adha celebration, some Moroccan families did not make the most of this joyous occasion. Due to the mishandling of sharp objects involved in the sacrifice, Moroccans spend their first day of Eid in emergencies.

Every year, hundreds of people are admitted to the medical and surgical emergencies of the various university hospitals in the country during the two days of Eid al-Adha for injuries due to the improper handling of sharp objects.

MoroccoLatestNews Fr called on Dr Marwa Lazrak Resident doctor in plastic surgery at the military hospital in Meknes. She explains the atmosphere in the emergency room on Eid day: “For a doctor, being in the emergency room during Eid Al Adha is a chore because he knows in advance the state in which he will spend these days. Dozens of patients will arrive in different states. With different degrees of severity. But the common point is that they are all injured by knives, or other sharp materials”.

“At that point, the party turned into a drama, for lack of attention or responsibility and probably with an excess of joy, people tend to forget to apply the safety rules in such a way that even young children come to the emergency room for burns, falls or obstruction of the upper airways by a strange body”adds our interlocutor.

The handling of sharp accessories (knives, axes) involved in the sacrifice of Eid causes minor injuries most often to the hands. But sometimes the cases are not without seriousness. “You could say that most injuries are wounds that need to be disinfected and sutured and of course a check-up is mandatory. In some cases, a simple bandage will be sufficient and in other cases, unfortunately, an intervention in the operating room is necessary”confirms the specialist.

Maximum caution when handling the tools used during the sacrifice is a necessity to spend the day of Eid in the best conditions.

Being away from family during Eid is not an easy task, however doctors are responding to calls from citizens and presenting them with needed help.

“As a doctor, it’s not easy to leave my family behind during Eid and go to the hospital to look after me, it remains my duty to treat patients in the best possible conditions. However, I would like the number of injuries to be reduced. With a simple gesture of security and responsibility, one can spend the day of Eid peacefully. »concludes Dr. Marwa Lazrak.


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