Human rights coalition writes to Moroccan FM urging nationals’ repatriation from Gaza

Human rights coalition writes to Moroccan FM urging nationals’ repatriation from Gaza

The Moroccan Coalition of Human Right Bodies wrote to Minister of Foreign Affairs Nasser Bourita, asking the official to urgently intervene to push the Moroccan embassy in Ramallah to hand over the list of Moroccans in Gaza to Egyptian authorities, with the intention of repatriating them to Morocco temporarily as long as Israel’s war on Gaza continues.

In its message, the coalition itself called for the necessity of “the Moroccan government providing a private plane to transport women and children because they are victims of aggression, victims of war, and in a state of emergency, and the authority must intervene urgently to save them without delay or lengthy procedures, as they have priority in intervention and care.”

The coalition, consisting of more than 20 national bodies, indicated that “the Rafah crossing was opened a few days ago for the departure of female and foreign citizens.” However, any departure will not take place unless a number of procedures have been completed related to the submission of a prior list of the names of those wishing to leave by the embassies of their countries or their representatives to the Egyptian authorities.”

MoroccoLatestNews received a number of appeals from Moroccans residing in Gaza, pleading with King Mohammed VI and the Moroccan authorities to find a solution for them and evacuate them quickly.

Majed Yousef Ibrahim Al-Maqousi, a Moroccan in Gaza, said in a video obtained by MoroccoLatestNews: “We contacted the Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco in Ramallah, and we demand that it fulfill its moral and humanitarian duty, and do the necessary work to evacuate us from the danger in which we, our families, and our children live.”

Al-Maqousi continued: “I have full confidence, after God Almighty, in King Mohammed VI and the Commander of the Faithful, our merciful father who takes care of his subjects and his people and does not leave anyone behind.”

The coalition confirmed that “there is a large Moroccan community in the Gaza Strip, as many Palestinian students who graduated from Morocco married Moroccan women and settled in the Strip for years.”

“The situation resulting from the genocidal war taking place in the Gaza Strip forced many women of Moroccan nationality to contact the Moroccan embassy in Ramallah, and they and their children registered their names with the embassy, which now has a list of names of those wishing to travel.”

The same source continued that “the interests of the Moroccan embassy in Ramallah have no choice but to send a list of names to the Egyptians at the Rafah crossing, so that those concerned can travel temporarily to Morocco, until the picture becomes clear,” stressing that “most countries in the world have evacuated their citizens, both male and female, to avoid them falling victims of brutal raids.” To the criminal Zionist occupation army.”

The coalition also confirmed that “the Moroccan embassy in Ramallah responds when contacted by Moroccans to inquire about handing over the list to Egyptians and the timing of departure by saying that it is awaiting instructions from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and Moroccans residing abroad in Rabat.”


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