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Huawei: The “Cloud” becomes the most influential technology

Cloud adoption has seen explosive growth, becoming the most influential technology today, China’s Huawei Group has reported.

A Group press release indicates that the “Cloud”, a real accelerator of innovation, business continuity and resilience, particularly following the crisis triggered by the pandemic, has enabled organizations to adapt to unprecedented changes and Respond quickly to partners’ needs in difficult circumstances.

As for the Moroccan market in particular, “Cloud” services clearly go beyond basic office applications, they transform Morocco’s production capacity and now appear as one of the most essential axes of the country’s digital transformation.

Considered a pillar of the “Cloud” industry, continues the text, Huawei Morocco is today accelerating its investments in the Kingdom in Cloud Computing projects in order to provide a ubiquitous Cloud and enable organizations, in the public and private sectors , to develop knowledge-based economies.

With more than three decades of ICT expertise, Huawei is expanding its cloud presence in places like Morocco and other countries, with a view to bringing the benefits of the cloud to all countries in Africa. Ultimately, Huawei’s principle is to respect and maintain data sovereignty, and to meet the data security requirements of each country and each company.

Moreover, the words of Vice President Cloud & AI Africa to Huawei, Mounir Soussi, confirm the group’s desire to guarantee the sovereignty of the Cloud.

Quoted by the press release, Mounir Soussi argues that “the cloud is our new investment niche for Huawei to promote access to digital technologies. We are working for the use of the sovereign cloud at the government level and the hybrid cloud for companies of all sizes”.

To date, many partners, large enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), startups and government departments, have already chosen Huawei as their long-term cloud solution provider and strategic technology partner, taking full advantage of the advanced solutions of the company.

Indeed, with a cloud partner like “Huawei Cloud”, companies can innovate by quickly purchasing technologies such as IoT (internet of things), blockchain and AI (artificial intelligence) online. Technologies which are also beginning to have an increasingly strong adoption rate with the “Huawei Cloud” offer having recorded the most significant growth in the global cloud market with growth of more than 200%.

Guaranteeing agility, scalability and cost savings, here is the promise carried by the “Huawei Cloud”, elements that remain key in the current economic climate. Separately, Huawei is offering support to organizations adopting the technology and says it will invest heavily in cloud training and marketing support for its partners.

The deployment of advanced information and communication technologies (ICT) such as Cloud and 5G to foster digital transformation across Africa is of paramount importance, a challenge that the group is ready to take on. Driven by the ambition to serve as fertile ground for the flourishing of the smart world, Huawei Morocco will continue to double its efforts in the Kingdom to support organizations in their digital transformation journeys.

It is undeniable that the Cloud sector will continue to develop and Moroccan organizations are well placed to take advantage of the opportunities. Additionally, cloud players such as Huawei are poised to drive adoption and accelerate innovations in the region.

It should be noted that Huawei, a global supplier of solutions in the field of ICT, settled in Morocco in 2002, with a first office in Rabat and then in Casablanca. Since its installation, the Group has created between 700 and 800 direct and indirect jobs.




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