HRW failed to meet standards for completing a HR report

The Moroccan government recently denounced ” biased allegations » contained in the latest report by the NGO Human Rights Watch (HRW) which targets Morocco, evoking ” techniques of repression developed by the Moroccan authorities” to silence critical voices.

Solicited by MoroccoLatestNews on this subject, Younes Moujahid, president of the National Press Council (CNP), estimated that ” the report published by HRW on Morocco was dominated by a clear political orientation”.

“Human Rights Watch failed to meet the standards of producing a human rights report, which require objectivity, balance, inquiry, research and investigation”underlined Moujahid, noting that whoever reads this report will come to the conclusion that its authors were looking for anything to implicate Morocco, which damaged its credibility.

The president of the CNP noted in the sense that ” the HRW report is marked by selectivity, as it focused on certain issues through a single narrative, which gives the impression that the situation is black in Morocco, knowing that the situation is neither black nor white », he assured.

But when you read the report, he continues, one has the impression of being faced with a closed country, which enormously restricts freedoms, and that anyone who opposes a decision of the State is putting themselves in danger. But we live in Morocco and we know that is not true”he said.

Assessing the reality of the press in Morocco should be more accurate, impartial and objective, argued Moujahid, noting that ” the CNP previously published a report on freedom of the press, highlighting the gains that have been made, which cannot be denied”recalling at the same time ” the Press Code, exempt from custodial sentences, although some articles have been oriented towards the Penal Code, they remain few and limited, and we demand their modification”.

Still on the subject of the Press and Publishing Code, Moujahid considered that it is very advanced compared to some similar countries, and that freedom of publication is guaranteed, noting that some newspapers operate freely despite their opposition to the regime. , while some even receive state support.

We’re not saying we’re in heaven or angel country, but we’re not in hell either, and proof of that is that a number of democratic countries also have abuses, according to testimonies from organizations. international, added the President of the CNP.

The HRW report, according to Moujahid, was based on specific cases around which there had been a great discussion. “These cases have been presented as symbols of opposition and freedom in Morocco, knowing that a number of them have been brought to justice, and there are complaints filed by the victims. But the report ignored all that and just presented a narrative”observes Moujahid, who deplores the fact that they wanted to make “stars” of them.

These same organizations, he points out, do not take into account the opinion of any Moroccan organization or party, because they consider everyone as agents and accomplices”.

To conclude: Most of the authors of these reports live abroad and exploit their political positions in the elaboration of reports on human rights.



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