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Housing Minister Fatima-Zahra Mansouri tested positive

The Minister of National Territorial Planning, Urban Planning, Housing and City Policy, Fatima-Zahra Mansouri, has tested positive for Covid-19, according to a well-informed source who inquired. entrusted to MoroccoLatestNews. Minister Pamiste will therefore not attend, this Monday, May 23, the session of oral questions in the House of Representatives.

A knowledgeable source told MoroccoLatestNews that the reason for the absence of the Minister of Housing from the session of oral questions in the First Chamber is due to her contamination by the phantom virus.

It should be recalled that the Moroccan government has taken a number of measures aimed at easing the precautionary measures against the coronavirus, after the number of infections has decreased.

Morocco has recorded since the start of the pandemic, 1,166,628 positive cases for Covid-19, 16,075 deaths and 1,149,601 recoveries. In addition, Morocco has 24,823,511 D1 beneficiaries, 23,304,005 D2 beneficiaries and 6,369,803 D3 beneficiaries.




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