House of Councilors approves by majority two agreements with Israel

The House of Councilors approved, on Tuesday, by a majority, 15 agreements, including two agreements with Israel. All the agreements were approved unanimously, except for the two agreements with Israel, which were contested by some labor groups.

Representatives of the Democratic Confederation of Labor, the National Confederation of Labor of Morocco and the Social Justice Group. While the representatives of the Moroccan Labor Union voted abstained.

This comes after the Committee on Foreign Affairs, National Defense and Moroccans Living Abroad unanimously approved all the agreements in early December.

The bills that concern Morocco and Israel concern the approval of the economic and commercial cooperation agreement between Morocco and Israel, signed in Rabat on February 21, 2022, and a bill approving the agreement on air services between Morocco and Israel, signed in Rabat on August 11, 2021.

The first agreement aims to increase the volume of trade between Morocco and Israel, and to take all the necessary measures for this purpose. It also stipulated the removal of all obstacles to normal economic relations between the two parties, including discriminatory laws, regulations or procedures.

On the other hand, the air services agreement between Morocco and Israel aims to regulate flight operations between the two parties.


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