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“Hors les Murs Lady Berbère”, the exhibition of artisans in the shadows with fairy hands

“Outside the walls, Lady Berbère” a first breach of the exhibition event was presented Thursday at the Palace es Saadi, to highlight the artistic work of Amazigh women, and their transmission of the Berber cultural heritage.

This exhibition combines tradition and modernity, art and craftsmanship, the secrets of women and their daring visions of the world.

Lady Berbère is the story of successive encounters, both in Morocco and in France between Stéphanie Cassan, creator of the event and the collector Nathalie Heller Loufrani who cultivates a passion for Zindekh tapestries, the fruit of creation by women from the Azilal region.

“Lady Berbère” was born from the meeting with a collector Nathalie Heller Loufrani ten years ago who fell in love in front of the Zindekh tapestries, made by women unknown until now and that we wanted to put forward”, explains Stéphanie Cassan at the microphone of Hespress FR.

Mohamed slaoui

These tapestries are also the story of these women whom they tell through their embroidery and their know-how, a means for them to express themselves freely.

“Both of us (with Nathalie Heller Loufrani, editor’s note”, we have a passion for art and also for transmission, and through her tapestries, these women told each other stories and made them from woolen thread, from fabrics and they were everyday objects for them. They told of their loves and delivered messages to their daughters and granddaughters ”, continues the creator of the event.

Through this exhibition, Stéphanie wanted to show the public and collectors that these tapestries that were not initially framed in museums “Are really everyday objects”.

Mohamed slaoui

This event is also a way to shine the spotlight on artists like the painter Keya who was inspired by the work and art of these women of the Middle Atlas for his collection, and who aspires to publicize its shadow craftswomen often leave behind.

Mohamed slaoui

“The initial idea came to me 4 years ago when I encountered the know-how of these Berber women in the field of tapestry. I worked with them and realized that they were real artists. My job from the start was to reveal them as artists. The first step for us was to testify in our own way their creativity and know-how ”, he expels us.

“The second step is to produce their own works with these women and exhibit them in my gallery and present them to other galleries internationally so that we can finally consider them as artists”, affirms us the artist who “dreams” of carrying out this project.

Mohamed slaoui




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