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“Historic” Spain-Morocco-Portugal bid will strengthen ties between Europe and Africa

The Royal Spanish Football Federation described on Wednesday as “historic” the candidacy of Spain, Portugal and Morocco to host the 2030 edition of the FIFA World Cup, stressing that this unprecedented bid will strengthen the links between Europe and Africa.

“This is a historic bid, because for the first time a men’s World Cup would be organized jointly on two different continents,” the Spanish Football Federation said in a statement.

The union of the three neighboring countries will contribute to strengthening the links between Europe and Africa, as well as the whole of the Mediterranean, and will inspire thousands of young people from both continents in a common project, which is based on the impact that football can have on the sporting and social development of the region, adds the body chaired by Luis Rubiales.

”This is the strongest possible bid for the 2030 World Cup in social, sporting and cultural terms, as well as in terms of infrastructure”, observes the same source, noting that the European federations of discipline have welcomed this candidacy ”very positively”.

King Mohammed VI announced on Tuesday the joint candidacy of Morocco, with Spain and Portugal, to host the 2030 World Cup, in a message on the occasion of the presentation of the Prize for Excellence of the Confederation African Football Association (CAF) for the year 2022 (CAF President’s Outstanding Achievement Award-2022).

This common candidacy, unprecedented in the history of football, will be that of the junction between Africa and Europe, between the north and the south of the Mediterranean, and between the African, Arab and Euro-Mediterranean worlds, noted the Sovereign.



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