Here is the ranking of the most and least populated countries in Muslims

Here is the ranking of the most and least populated countries in Muslims

Morocco is among the most Muslim-populated countries in the world alongside other Arab countries, according to a global ranking. Countries like Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates or Qatar have less Muslim population than North Africa.

The kingdom as well as the Maghreb countries are at the top of the list with the largest number of Muslims. These countries have almost 100% of population whose faith is Muslim, while other Arab countries known to have a Muslim majority are ranked much lower as is the case for Kuwait for example.

Thus, according to the World Index, countries such as Mauritania, Somalia, Tunisia, Afghanistan, Iran, Turkey, Yemen, Algeria and Morocco have almost one hundred percent Muslim population.

And Mauritania tops the ranking with 100% Muslim population, followed by Somalia and Tunisia, which according to this ranking represent 99.8%, Afghanistan (99.6%), Iran (99.4% ), Turkey (99.2%), Yemen (99.1%), Algeria and Morocco with 99%.

Other countries known to have a Muslim majority population end up with less percentage compared to the first cities. They include Palestine with 97.5% (Israel has 18%), Jordan with 97.2%, Saudi Arabia with 97.1%, Sudan and Libya with 97%.

In the Arab countries, the countries of the Middle East show relatively the lowest scores with 77% for Qatar, 76% for the United Arab Emirates and 74% for Kuwait. These figures can be explained by the large proportion of foreigners living in these countries.

Also according to the ranking, the countries with the lowest population of Muslims are Italy (4.8%), Canada (3.2%), Australia (2.6%), the United States (1 .1%), Brazil (0.36%), North Korea (0.01%) and the Vatican with 0%.

On the Old Continent, Russia is the country with the highest percentage of Muslims with 13% (just less than India and Singapore with 14%), followed by France with 8.8%, the United United with 6.3%, Germany (5.7%), and Greece with 5.7%.


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