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Here are the jobs and sectors most at risk from artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to change the way people work and play. However, tools like ChatGPT, can threaten some jobs and industries, or even substitute human beings in performing tasks.

AI researchers from Princeton, the University of Pennsylvania, and New York University used the AI ​​Occupational Exposure Measure (AIOE) to determine the exposure of jobs and industries to advances in the AI. They isolated the language modeling AI capabilities to hone in on its potential effects on the economy, given the rapid progress in the use and popularity of ChatGPT.

According to the researchers, the term “exposed” has a fairly broad definition, indicating that occupations can be impacted by AI in a number of ways, ranging from job loss to the inclusion of technology to assist in certain job functions. work.

Moreover, they managed to compile a list of the 20 professions most exposed to language modeling AI tools. Telemarketers come out on top, followed by language and literature teachers, then post-secondary teachers of history and other disciplines. In fact, teachers won 9 of the first 11 places in the ranking, ahead of political scientists, arbitrators, mediators and conciliators, magistrates or even clinical, counseling and school psychologists.

According to the study, the effect on labor will also likely vary across industries. Recent research by Goldfarb et al (2020) shows that the adoption of AI is relatively high in some sectors like information technology and finance, but low in others, like healthcare and building.

Yet, the legal services industry has proven to be the area most exposed to language modeling AI tools. Insurance and pension funds, agencies, brokers and other insurance-related activities are among the top five most affected business sectors. Artist and athlete management, travel agency services, and grant and donation services are no exception.

On the other hand, “securities, commodity contracts and other financial investment and related activities” is considered the most exposed industry according to the original AIOE version and is the second most exposed industry according to the AIOE version. of the AIOE focused on linguistic modelling.

Indeed, many are concerned about the negative effects of these tools on employment, as shown in the New York Post article entitled “ChatGPT could make these jobs obsolete”. Others see language modeling as promising from a practical and commercial perspective.

Remember, ChatGPT is an AI-powered text tool that can deliver compelling answers to virtually any query in seconds. It was able to acquire new users faster than the most popular consumer apps created to date.

Furthermore, the chatbot was only launched for public use in December, but has already amassed 57 million monthly active users in its first month of availability. It is expected to have surpassed 100 million monthly active users in January, according to new research from investment bank UBS.



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