Here are the food products whose prices have fallen

The prices of several food products were stabilized during the period from Fatih Chaâbane (1st Chaâbane) until 17 Ramadan 1423, while others experienced a more or less significant drop, according to the Interministerial Commission responsible for monitoring procurement, pricing, and price and quality control operations.

Following its meeting held on Wednesday under the chairmanship of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, and in the presence of representatives of the ministerial sectors in charge of the Ministries of the Interior, Agriculture, Fisheries, Industry, of Commerce, energy transition and the public institutions concerned, the interministerial commission indicated in a press release that the process of supplying the markets is taking place under the best conditions, and that the supply covers the national needs for products and foodstuffs. consumption.

Regarding the price trend, the commission said that the prices of most food products remained stable during the third week of Ramadan compared to those recorded during the second week.

In addition, the prices of many food products recorded a relative decline, in particular green onions whose price fell at the national level from 4.50 dirhams to 4 dirhams per kilogram, while the price of potatoes went from 4 .40 dirhams to 4.20 dirhams per kilogram.

With regard to tomato prices, which have been the “Star» of the post-Ramadan period, its price began to observe a downward trend, during the aforementioned period, from 9.60 dirhams/kg to 8.70 dirhams/kg. Same story on the side of broiler chicken, spices and oranges, the price of which also saw a drop.

With regard to the control of the prices and quality of food products, the control operations carried out by the local joint commissions chaired by the Walis and governors during the period from 1st Chaâbane to 17 Ramadan, focused on the surveillance of 91,695 points of sale, the seizure of 3,794 offences, of which 790 were the subject of formal notice and 3,004 were sanctioned by minutes (reports) addressed and forwarded to the competent courts.

According to the same communication, its violations are divided between 1,407 violations of Law No. 31-08 on consumer protection, mainly related to the non-publication of prices and the non-delivery of the invoice to the consumer, and 623 infringements of law 104 -12 related to freedom of prices and competition relating mainly to the illegal increase of regulated prices.

The results of the mixed control commissions also focused on the observation of 866 violations of Law 77-15 relating to the ban on the use of plastic bags, 108 violations of the texts relating to hygiene and health safety, in plus the seizure and destruction of 254 tonnes of products unfit for consumption or not complying with the standards in force.

Thus, the Commission confirmed in its press release that it will continue to hold its meetings to follow the evolution of the market situation, supply, price level, as well as the result of the interventions of the joint monitoring committee for face all methods of fraud, monopoly, speculation and price manipulation.



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