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Here are the details of the new investment program

Announced by Mostafa Terrab before King Mohammed VI on Saturday, OCP’s ambitious new investment program aims for carbon neutrality by 2040 but also 100% green energy by 2027. The group will start producing ammonia green and will invest in renewable energies.

This is a new direction resolutely turned towards promising sectors that OCP is taking. The group has set goals to be achieved in 4 years that will eventually achieve carbon neutrality, increase turnover while benefiting part of the Moroccan industrial fabric, as well as the creation of thousands of jobs.

OCP is aiming for carbon neutrality before 2040, increasing its production capacities and 100% unconventional water in 2024 and 100% green energy in 2027 for a total investment of 130 billion dirhams over four years which will do more of 147 billion dirhams in turnover from 2025.

In addition, the group intends to bring with it 600 Moroccan industrial companies, a local integration rate of 70% and the creation of 25,000 direct and indirect jobs.

Main objectives in terms of production

By 2027, OCP will continue to increase its production capacity in these traditional segments, but opens the door to two new inputs, green ammonia and specialty chemicals.

In terms of fertilizers, the production capacity will increase by more than 60%, or 8 million tonnes to reach 20 Mt. Regarding La Roche, the capacity will increase to 70 Mt, or a little less than double.

The group will start producing green energy, with the objective of reaching 5GW against 0 currently. Furthermore, water production will increase from 35 Mm3 to 560 Mm3 according to its forecasts, an increase of 16 times in 6 years.

In specialty chemicals, the objective will be to produce 30,000t of intermediate products for lithium iron phosphate batteries and 20,000 of fluorine by 2027.

This work will focus on two main axes, Khouribga – Jorf Lasfar and Gantour-Meskala-Safi. The capacities of the Khouribga solar farm, for example, will increase to 760 MW of solar photovoltaic in 2027 against 150 MW in 2023.

On green ammonia, the group will start by producing 1 Mt by 2027 with the aim of tripling this quantity by 2032 using renewable energies

Thus, OCP plans to install a 1.2 GW solar farm and a 2.6 GW wind farm, and a hydrogen electrolyser plant, in addition to a seawater desalination plant with a capacity of 60 Mm3.

This program, which will be developed in the southern provinces on the Tarfaya-Boucraa-Laayoune axis, will produce three types of fertilizer marketed by the group and specialty fertilizers.



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