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Her ex won’t have a penny!

In one of the most notorious breakups of this year, that of Achraf Hakimi and Hiba Abouk, there is no shortage of surprises. The last, the now ex-wife of the PSG side, received her through the court with which she filed her divorce application. Ashraf doesn’t have a penny to his name!

If she intended to ensure a comfortable retirement by getting her hands on half of the fortune of the Moroccan international, she had enough for her rank. All holdings of Hakimi, one of the highest paid footballers in the world, are in his mother’s name.

According to First Mag who reported the news, the player’s wife filed for divorce and “wanted more than half of the property and fortune of the Moroccan footballer”.

“He is one of the highest paid players in Ligue 1, he receives more than a million euros per month”, recalls First Mag which reveals however that “The ex-wife therefore would have had the jackpot.. But when they arrived in court, they realized that Achraf Hakimi had no property and that the bank had none either. Achraf Hakimi had put his entire fortune under his mother’s name a long time ago.

Thus, the beneficiary of Achraf Hakimi’s salary and estate is neither more nor less than his mother, a move that the player has been pursuing for several years. In other words, the more than one million euros that Hakimi receives per month from PSG goes to the bank account of the family matriarch.



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