HCP: Foreign trade indices up 9.7% in Q2-2021

The High Commission for Planning (HCP), said that during the second quarter of 2021, the foreign trade indices (ICE) increased, year on year, with an increase of 9.7% of the import unit value index.

In an information note relating to ICEs, the HCP indicates that this evolution results mainly from the increase in unit values ​​of “energy and lubricants” by 41.7%, of “semi-finished products” (9.5% ), “raw products of mineral origin” (40.3%), “food, beverages and tobacco” (7.4%), “finished consumer products” (2.4%) and “Raw products of animal and plant origin” (18.4%).

Regarding the export unit value index, an increase of 8.2% was noted during the second quarter of 2021 compared to the corresponding quarter of the previous year.

The HCP explains this increase mainly by the increase in unit values ​​of “semi-finished products” by 36.5%, “crude products of mineral origin” (30.1%), “crude products of animal origin and plant ”(7.3%),“ energy and lubricants ”(8.1%) and“ finished agricultural equipment products ”(12.3%).

The indices of the average values ​​of “finished consumer products”, “food, beverages and tobacco” and “finished industrial equipment products” have, for their part, decreased by 3%, 4.6% and 1 , 1% respectively, thus attenuating the increase in the overall index of unit values ​​of exports.



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